Adscouter Spy Tool Review [2020]

Adscouter: The Social Media Ads spy tool for digital marketers, You Can Ethically Copy Your Competitions ‘Most Profitable’ Ad into Your Digital Marketing Campaigns 


In this article, you are going to learn how to use the AdScouter tool to spy on your competition and copy their most performing ads to improve your ROI, with this newly released tool you will be able to launch a profitable Facebook ads campaign can generate thousands of leads, thousands of dollars, and win over big consulting campaigns.


Advertising using social media platforms like Facebook is getting popular day by day.

Facebook is one of the world’s largest websites, and it has over 2.41 Billion active users worldwide. Using Facebook for advertisement can help you grow your brand or business and take it to new heights.

According to stats, the number of social media users is increasing day by day as we advance in technology.
The whole world is getting online and digital. A huge percentage of people spend a considerable amount of time looking at their devices (mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.) every day.

Advertisers know this fact that many people spend most of their time on social media platforms, and Facebook is on the top of all platforms.

So they use this platform for advertising and run different kinds of advertisements to promote their businesses, sell their products and services, create brand awareness, and much more.

Facebook is a platform that offers the most targeted form of advertising. The best thing about Facebook ads is that you can easily deliver the desired information to the exact audience.

However, not everyone knows how to target the right audience for their campaign success; hence, not every advertiser actually get an ROI for their marketing ads.



As discussed earlier, Facebook ads are the most popular option available online for advertisers.

Almost 92% of marketers claim to use FB ads for advertising; however, many of them fail miserably to generate any positive results.

Below mentioned are some common mistakes that most people make when they try to run their FB ads on their own.

1. Poor Targeting
One of the most important reasons why most people fail to run successful ads is that they do not properly target their audience.

Facebook provides you with an option to create a custom audience, but most people that are new to this field don’t realize it.

Facebook ads are known to be highly targeted ads for a reason.

They allow you to deliver your ads to a very precise audience, but the choice of audience is all yours.
Many marketers either choose the wrong audience for their ads, or they just choose a random audience, and as a result, they don’t get the desired results.

2. Inappropriate Bidding Amount and Budget
Your budget and Cost Per Click matter a lot when you are running FB ads.

You already know that FB ads are very popular, and there is a fair chance that your competitors are also running similar ads in your market niche.

Sadly, Facebook does not provide a sufficient competitor’s cost per bids for your information.

3. Unattractive Ad Copies
You need to create a captivating ad copy if you want to run successful FB ads and get the most out of your campaigns.

Unfortunately, most people fail to create attractive ad copies, so their ads don’t perform according to their expectations.

4. Experimentation
Experimentation is very important if you want to run successful FB ads.

A really successful Ads is a product of series of A/B testing. So, you need to do constant variations in your ads until you start getting the desired results.

This is where many advertisers get their fingers [dollars] burnt.



Most people make mistakes, and then they learn from their mistakes, but it is always wiser to learn what is working and adapt it.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to know what is working for your competitors and implement it using Spy Tools, hence the AdScouter spy tool.




Adscouter is one of the best social media spy tools available online.

It is an advanced tool that helps you scout your competitors’ ad campaigns on social media and make them available at your fingertips.

It is a quick ad detection software that can help you to make your social media campaigns much more profitable.
Your competitors are desperate to hide their social media ad campaigns from you.

By using Adscouter, you will not only view your competitors’ campaigns, but you can also copy their most successful campaigns and deploy them with your own products and strategies.

Adscouter helps you to optimize your ads campaign in these ways:

1 Discover Your competitors’ very best ads. Using the profit score to identify the winners
2 Search With Laser-Focused Precision an Extremely Profitable Ads Using Deep Learning and AI
3 Hack your competitor’s pages & funnels by getting a transparent look into exactly how they’re making money.
4 Replicate & Profit your competitor’s ads & campaigns for inspiration saving you thousands of dollars.

Pros of Adscouter
● Highly accurate information
● It can help you to assess the campaign’s profitability.
● No copyright issues.
● Largest database of tracked ads.
● AI object and image detection technology.
● Reverse image search.
● Finds highly targeted ads in a few minutes.
● Complete analysis of ads on a single click.

● It’s a web App, not available offline



It doesn’t matter if you are new to digital marketing or well experienced with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or messenger ads.

Adscouter can help you lead the market and launch the most successful campaigns that can take your business to the next level.

It has a very simple interface, and anyone with moderate knowledge of Facebook ads can easily use this tool.
In simple words, it is the best Facebook spy tool and Instagram spy tool.

So, you don’t want to waste your time on profitless campaigns get this tool right now from its official website.

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