How to Go Viral On Social Media with Viral Lead Funnels

Incentive-based viral marketing is one of the best ways big companies worldwide grow their traffic, leads and sales with little or no ad spend.


Making a social media post go viral is not just limited to cool, funny, meme videos on TikTok or other social media platform that get millions of views, You can actually leverage on the power of the Viral Lead Funnels’s AI tool to get people talking about your brand and share it around the world.


Statistics show that Referred customers give 25% higher profit margin than any marketing method and they are usually 18% more loyal than a customer acquired by other means.


If done properly, viral marketing techniques have the potential to bring you 20,000 new leads every single month.

In this article, I am going to show you How to Go Viral On Social Media using the referral marketing method

So what exactly is referral marketing?


Referral marketing is a social media strategy that uses recommendations to grow a business’s customer base through the networks of the business’ existing customers.


This works by creating a reward system when your existing customers perform the required fulfillment action on your marketing campaign.


A typical example would be to ask your existing customer to recommend 5 friends and enjoy a 15% discount on your new organic body lotion;


in this case, you have achieved two goals at the same time, making a sale and getting more leads at no extra cost; as these new leads can also be integrated into the marketing matrix to form a reoccurring sales-generating loop via multiple Social media viral posts and shares online.


The referral marketing system is very effective especially if you are on a marketing budget or when you are just launching out as a startup.


This has been a long-aged marketing method called Word-of-Mouth Marketing, however, we are going to see how you can leverage the exponential power of social media to go viral using the Viral Lead Funnels referral marketing system.


Using the Viral Lead Funnels in 5 simple steps.

1. Determine your market campaign end goal

Before you create a referral campaign, you need to determine what your marketing end goal is.



Be clear on what you want to achieve with your campaign, be sure if you want to acquire new leads for your business, spark a discussion about your new product online, create a product launch campaign, make a discount viral sale, generate brand awareness, or grow your online audience presence, it’s your call and the options are endless.


2. Identify your target audience

Next you want to determine your market audience, and in this case, you will use the interest base and behavioral demography for your research, find out about your target audience online activities; find out the social media website they visit most, the brand they follow, celebrities they love, and the level of engagement.


Make sure you find out the influencer they follow in Instagram, the Youtuber they listen to, the facebook group the hangout in, or the twitter handle they follow. Facebook Audience Manager will be a handy tool for this research.


3 Create an emotional, irresistible bait offer

Now it’s time to create your bait offer; you will have to create an irresistible emotional bait offer that is relevant to your audience, this is where your creativity comes in because you will to create a compelling incentive can increase your referral campaign’s success and at the same time protect your bottom line, Download digital product, Vouchers and coupons discount offer, credit points loyal points are usually the common campaign offers.




4. Automate your campaign using Viral Lead Funnels

Next step is to launch your referral campaign, you will need to create a landing where your customers can get all the information about your referral program, this viral marketing software will help you to automate your fulfillment offers, track the activities of your affiliates reward this them instantly, collect your leads into a mailing and also initiate a retargeting loop; and for this, we will be using the Viral Lead Funnels.

Official site for Viral Lead Funnels

I will explain how Viral Lead Funnels works in a moment.


5. Go viral, Launch your referral marketing on Instagram shoutout

The last step is to launch your referral campaign to your existing customers if you have one;


If you don’t have an existing audience, no problem as this is where the importance of your audience research comes;


recent findings have revealed that Instagram shoutouts also called influencer marketing have proven to be an easy and effective way to launch a campaign in recent times,


Influencers love referral and loyalty programs — especially when you have a great product that is relevant to their audience, you just have to make sure it is also relevant to your niche market.



Congratulations! You have just launched a successful referral marketing program



A good referral program is just as good as the software that powers it.


This is where the Viral Lead Funnels comes handy, this is what you will get with the Viral Lead Funnel referral campaign.


1. You will be able to Create VIRAL Marketing Funnels In Just few clicks

2. You will Rapidly Grow Your List By Generating Compound Leads via multiple marketing loop

3. You will be able to Automate your Leads Generation With Set-N-Forget System

4. You can also Profit With Viral Funnels by selling to To Clients Using Commercial License!
5. It has the in-built email, SMS & Facebook messenger bot integration

6. You will get the Inbuilt Funnel Page Builder to create beautiful landing pages and thank you pages saving you time & money

7. No coding, no tech required… it is 100% beginner-friendly.

8. Fully white-labeled, you will use your own custom domain, no ‘powered by’ to maintain your business branding online.

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