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 Then pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you as the next few paragraphs will most likely eradicate the phrase “Insufficient Fund” from your bank balance as it did for me a few months ago. 

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You're probably experiencing this too

After 9 years of being a Serial entrepreneur;


I have come to discover that there are few opportunities online that is as lucrative and highly rewarding as selling your knowledge to thousands of people on the internet who are hungry and dying to pay for your wealth of experience.   

Over the past years, I have been engaged in several business ventures primarily in pursuit of Financial and Time Freedom.

I wanted something I could set up and make money off while I enjoy lots of off the desk time to myself.

 So I started a Web Development and Software Company, also launched a Digital Business consultancy venture, and even dived into the now famous Mini Importation Business.  

While all these gave me quite a commendable level of income, I soon discovered that I’ve become a slave to my own inventions.

Not even the weekends were spared :(

While all these were going on, I started getting many requests for training and private coaching,

At first, I ignored the requests for obvious reasons as I barely had time to visit the barber’s shop.  

Then it hit me!  

Why don’t we have this training requests rolled into online courses and make it available to students upon request!    

Guys, that was the break I needed and it’s been Eldorado since then.


The turning point

So I decided to carried out a research on the demand for online courses thereafter. 

After which my team and I decided to launch the online training courses to neighboring west African Countries and mehnn…,

The rest like they say is history.  

You know the beautiful part of this is that

I had…  

No need to monitor  inventory from China,

No need to worry about damaged inventory,

No need to do Logistics.

No Headaches of returned products,

No stress of payment on delivery

No more long hours of baby sitting software projects


All I that is required is just create the Courses, Launch and Earn repeatedly from it over and over again!  :)


According to global statistics,


e-Learning Training Course Market accounted for $165.21 billion in 2015 , $176.12 billion  in 2017 and this figure is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2022 at a 7.5% growth rate annually globally.  [Source orbisresearch.com]

In Nigeria, the number of active internet users is currently at 98.3 Million, more than 45% of this number use the search engines for resource research on a weekly engagement. [Source ncc.gov.ng]

This means in Nigeria alone, over 47million people are searching for How to’s on search engines like google every  week.

From the above Data Reports, We can accurately establish the following facts:

1.  There is a vast number of ‘hungry internet users’ on the worldwide web looking for answers.

2.  The number of users are increasing astronomically every year.

3.   The number of searches are also increasing.

4.   The time spent on the internet for content information is growing rapidly.

5.   People are spending a LOT OF MONEY on digital content every single day


This is where you come in…

 By positioning yourself correctly on the internet, and providing your expert knowledge and mentorship  to this vast number of online users already searching for the recourses on the internet.


You are poised to tap into a multi-billion dollar emerging market just selling your knowledge expertise online.


And this could be anything you are really good at.   

Simple things like


How to make African Beads,
6 figure income from Homemade Soap 
Learn How to make Cake in 2 weeks 
Dieting and Nutrition; Smoothies for weightloss
Accounting Software like Peachtree
How to use Autocard
MS Office Suit, There are people who want to learn MS Excel
Dating Secrets [Hot Market]
Digital Marketing [Never Fail Market]
Health and Wellness [Honey Pot Market],
The lose weight Niche
..and Many More I’ll like to leave to your imagination…  



However, there are 3 fiery gates you MUST go through.


How do you Create a Profitable Course 
How do you Package your Course
How do you Host, Brand, Launch and Market your online course 



Hey! Cheer Up Joor, No need to Worry :) 

See, I have literally created a simple, step by step training program that will walk you through every step of the way.


For the first 2 weeks, I am going to personally work with you and teach you EXACTLY how to create a profitable online courses so that you can start making REAL MONEY in few weeks.


That's right - You heard me correctly.


Here is what you are going to learn from me:
* Step by step directions for creating online course in as little as 3-5 hours
* How to choose a profitable Niche Idea
* How to make course research
* How to validate your Course, so you are sure to make sales
* How to Test your Idea
* How to brand your online course


That is not all; I will also give you
* A High Converting Email Swipes you can inject into your email marketing
* Access to a simplified courses on Email, Facebook and Instagram Marketing.


With regards to launching and marketing your online Course
* I will give you a complete access to our LMS platform. [sellonlinecourse.com], so you can launch your course seamlessly.

No code experience required.

The sellonlinecourse LMS platform will give you
• A Complete Access to Instructor backend
• Direct Funds Payout into your preferred bank account within 24 hours
• Access to create Unlimited Courses
• Access to Unlimited Students
• You can earn in Naira and USD at the same time
• Quiz and certification Creators Available
• Custom URL domain Available
• Custom eMail account Available
• 24/7  Support to create Online Course


Best things in Life are for FREE 

Ok, I know at this point you are probably wondering how much this entire package is going for.


Well; at the current market value, you are sure to get just a few of the above benefits for N45,000, infact I know someone who currently sells LMS platform access for N380,000


So what if I charge you N25,000


Or N15,000 for starters!




I am here to help you make money not lose your savings.

So you know what!!


You will be getting everything plus my training for ZERO charges!

Yes you heard me!


Zero Charges; FREE of Charge!


But I need to know if you are ready to work with me!


Are you ready to work with me?

The question is...are you ready to work with me and change your financial life forever?


If you are ready to work with me...


Then I need you to create your personal instructor account on the [sellonlinecourse.com] LMS Platform as I will be working with only those who are ready to take the online advantage to launch and earn massively online.


As earlier said 


The [sellonlinecourse] LMS platform will give you 
• A Complete Access to Instructor backend
• Direct Funds Payout into your preferred account within 24 hours
• Access to create Unlimited Courses
• Access to Unlimited Students
• You can earn in Naira and USD at the same time
• Quiz and certification Creators Available
• Custom URL domain Available
• Custom eMail account Available
• Provide 24/7  Support to create Online Course


The FREE Training on how to create, launch and Monetise your online course commences immediately as soon as your subscription is confirmed


Access to the platform is only N9,999 if you pay today!!

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We are still running the pilot stage which is aimed to accomodate only a specific number of people.


Once the number is reached.


The price is sure to go up.


So you may therefore come here tomorrow to meet the new price.


Go ahead, make your payment now, you'll have access to the initial training materials,


then we will schedule a phone call session, after which you must have started to study the initial materials...and trust your business to EXPLODE!


You see, just imagine how your life would be different TODAY if one year ago you had been exposed to this opportunity, imagine the business you could have built by now.


And the truth of the matter is, if you don't take action today, it is likely that one year from now, you will be looking back wondering what could have happened if we had started working together today.


However, I don't want to pressure you at all - I want you to work with me only if you want to.


Because whether you take action or not. There is always that constant factor called Change!


It either you change your financial status by your decision or you are left with ‘change’ in your pocket.


So take action!


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