How I got rid of Menstrual Cramps Permanently!!

Let me show you how you too can conquer  Dysmenorrhea with Home made recipes.

How I permanently ended  my 10 years of Agony.


My name is Empress, I am a contemporary Herb and Spice specialist and Founder Empress Recipes

10 years ago I started experiencing severe pains when ever I was going to be on my monthly flow .

This pain made me miss out on lectures and exams during my University days and also limited my performance when I eventually started my job employment.

Symptoms I suffered were

  • Heavy menstrual flow and severe pain for 7days.
  • Intense cramping pain at the lower abdomen
  • Constant Lower back and thigh pain before and when I started the period.
  • Sharp Head aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Continuous Nausea
  • -Fatigue.

I became a regular customer to pharmacy stores for over the counter relieve drugs with little and insignificant change.

Thankfully, I got a permanent end to this torture when I discovered the healing power in simple homemade kitchen recipes. 

Today my menstrual cramps are completely gone.

My period flow are now normalized and I ovulate regularly.

I have package my solution in  a 4 part online video course procedure listing the natural and organic herbs I used and the methods of application. 

My recommendation are safe and very natural so you have no side effect to worry about.

This has worked for me and others who have previously purchased my course.

But don’t take take my word for it, see testimonials from my clients. 


For Just N12,000, N3,999 Today.
You can put an end to reoccurring menstrual pain. 

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Price goes back to N12,000 in 24 hours!

So What’s in the Course Program?

  • You will be getting a 4 part detailed DIY video methods, these video procedures are options to meet your desired taste.
  • You will be getting a continuous Free consultation guide to help you on your journey to a pain free monthly episode.
  • You will be given an exclusive access to video resource on other related health topics.
  •  Free access to our monthly Zoom Business meeting on the potential of Natural Home Remedy.  

Dysmenorrhea be cured permanently

Let’s end this pain together permanently. Let me help you overcome Menstrual Cramps, click the button below to get instant access into the course procedure.

Frequently asked Questions

How much is the Course?

N3999 if you pay today, it goes back to N12,000 in 24 hours.

Is this a Product or a Course?

You will be getting a DIY Course procedure, the ingredients can be sourced all around you, however, I can ship the ingredients to you on demand.

How do I pay for the Course?

There are 2 method of payments, the online card payment will give you an instant access to the videos, the bank transfer method will take 24 hours for access. 

Will I get after purchase support?

You will have access to my direct Whatsapp Line and also email support.

How do I access the Course?

You will be given an unlimited access to the online Course, the Videos are hosted on a reliable server. Videos will not be deleted.

What’s in the 4 Part Videos?

The 4 course videos are different methods you could apply, We noticed different methods work for different people. You have the option to choose


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