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Are you Course Instructor or you have an idea for one, then you are in the right place.
This platform provides all the support and automation tools required to help you Launch and Earn from your Online Course in 24 hours.
We are here to help you Create, Launch and make Money from your Course Online with ease.

Simply Follow these 5 steps to get started right away.

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Step 1

The Digital Course Academy

New to creating Online courses?

Not to worry, the Online Digital Course Suite Academy has been packaged to help turn what you know into a 7 figure Automated Online Money Making Machine.

The Course Academy will provide you with the following:

1. A practical step after step workbook plan on how to develop your digital course in 2 weeks or less, so you will never get stuck or run out of ideas.


2. Show you secret profitable Niche Ideas that have been researched, tested and proven, so you don’t waste your effort in developing a digital product that will not fly.


3. Provide you with secret tools and software that will help to develop your course, record your course and set it up on autopilot.


4. Show you how you can get paid for your course


5. Give you Email Copy that you can start sending to your prospects and start making money on day 1 of launch.


6. Show you how to run a paid advert on Facebook to your Course portal.


7. Show you how can set up your own lead magnet, landing page and autoresponder.


8. Provide you with hands-on Monitoring support where required.


So let’s Get started.

However, if you already have a well packaged Video Course, you can skip this step.

Step 2

Launch Your Course Online

Get access to tools to help you manage your online course.


Engage directly with your students, create quiz, assessment and monitor your earnings via your backend.


Your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account without delays.


Step 3

Upload and Share

The [sellonlinecourse] platform has been designed to accommodate unlimited courses without restrictions.


No coding skill or programming skill required.

Step 4

Build Your Community

Start building your audience, drive potential prospects directly to your Online Course using facebook marketing 
and keep your community engaged with an automated email system.

Step 5

Grow your Earning


The [sellonlinecourse] platform has been designed to help collect all your earnings from your courses directly into your local bank account automatically.

You can also conveniently monitor all payments via your account backend and also get an alert transaction report of all payments in your email.

Become a course instructor right away, launch your FREE account. Get Started