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How I permanently ended Menstrual cramps after 10 years of Agony.

10 years Ago I started experiencing severe pains when ever I was going to be on my monthly flow .

This pain made me miss out on lectures and exams during my University days .

It limited my performance at work also.

Other symptoms I suffered were

  • Heavy menstrual flow and severe pain for 7days.
  • Intense cramping pain at the lower abdomen
  • Constant Lower back and thigh pain before and when I started the period.
  • Sharp Head aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Continuous Nausea
  • -Fatigue.

I became a regular customer to all pharmacy stores to get over the counter relieve drugs.

I got a permanent end to this torture when I discovered the healing power in simple homemade kitchen recipes

Today my menstrual cramps are gone

My period flow are normal.
My period reserved from 7days to 5days.
I ovulate regularly.

There are four (4) method I have highlighted in the link video .

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Section 1Method 1
Section 2Method 2
Section 3Method 3
Section 4Method 4

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