Remedies to end Menstrual Cramps Permanently

How I permanently ended Menstrual cramps after 10 years of Agony.

10 years Ago I started experiencing severe pains when ever I was going to be on my monthly flow .

This pain made me miss out on lectures and exams during my University days .

It limited my performance at work also.

Other symptoms I suffered were

  • Heavy menstrual flow and severe pain for 7days.
  • Intense cramping pain at the lower abdomen
  • Constant Lower back and thigh pain before and when I started the period.
  • Sharp Head aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Continuous Nausea
  • -Fatigue.

I became a regular customer to all pharmacy stores to get over the counter relieve drugs.

I got a permanent end to this torture when I discovered the healing power in simple homemade kitchen recipes

Today my menstrual cramps are gone

My period flow are normal.
My period reserved from 7days to 5days.
I ovulate regularly.

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Overweight – Lose Weight Naturally




For more than 2 decades I suffered the severe consequences of being over weight. This caused me serious health issues like shortness of breath and constant fatigue after few house chores.

In a bid to loosing weight, I stopped eating some certain food for days, weeks, even month, I went on intensive exercises, bought different expensive slimming tea and supplements, Yet I saw no positive results, rather I started gaining more pounds which caused my body to be bloated and this affected me emotionally.

So I went into deep research and I discovered the best way of loosing weight gradually while still enjoying all my African dishes.

Today I have a sporty figure and I can slay in any kind of dress I want, I sleep peacefully without snoring and I am so full of strength.

It’s still like a dream. All this dream came to be with the help of simple kitchen recipes I discovered and used.
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