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A step by step Practical guild on how to convert your knowledge expertise into a 7 Figure Autopilot Money Making Machine by Creating Online Courses

Developing  Digital Courses could be stressful, writer’s block is often the common dreadful phenomenon here.

And this could be a discouraging mental lock jam! as this often leads to abandon projects.

Because most times, EVEN IF  You know what you want to write about, expressing it COULD literally become an    insurmountable mountain.

However, the good news is with my Online Course Launch Academy all the hard work has been done for you.

I have provided you with a step by step video course how to create a  PROFITABLE INFORMATION PRODUCT (Online Courses), Practical work book template and reference links that will guild you on how you will seamlessly express your thoughts, develop your Outline modules and Launch your Course in 4 weeks or less.

Moreso, you don’t have to think of a platform to host, manage, launch and make sales for your online course as this can be handled right here: on this platform for FREE, with several other added benefits, see this.

So All you need to do is fill in the blanks and your course is ready to fly while you have your sales deposited instantly into your bank account.

If  this sounds like a good idea to you, then sign up right now for the Online Course Launch Academy course while it is still available for FREE.

See you on the inside.



Section 1Introduction Free Preview

Profitable Course Launch Academy

Welcome to the Profitable Course Launch Academy, over the next 2 weeks, I show you the practical step by step guild on how to launch a 6 figure information business using nothing but your laptop and internet connection.

This 9 module short video beginner course has been designed to show you the secret tools and trade needed to help you monetize your knowledge and earn extra income.

By the end of the 14 days daily lectures, you would have been able to package and launch your information business on this platform effortlessly as you start your journey of making the “air money” online.

Please do go through the Frequently Ask Questions below for further guidance

Frequently Ask Questions

According to Forbes magazine, the information marketing space is currently valued at $217b, this figure is expected to reach US$ 325 the billion mark by 2025, this means this market Niche is a thriving one globally, you can make as much as N500,000 to N1M within a week or over a month if you do it rightly as I will show you in this course .
The Profitable Course Launch Academy has been designed to help you with this, you will be shown 3 Niche market you could consider, more so, the platform has an affiliate marketing program, which means you can promote other businesses and earn massively .
Once you are ready to launch your information program, you will be given access to the instructor’s backend access to launch your online course for free
Yes, Facebook, Instagram and Email Marketing courses have been included to help you with digitally marketing your information marketing business
Yes, you can use this platform to set online exams for your student, badges and Certificates are also available for use.
Yes, we provide, email, Whatsapp, Skype support
We have the investment package that takes care of this, everything from scripting to launching and marketing is all taken care of, yes we are able to provide writing and marketing your information business for you
Yes, this platform is ssl paid version securely protected and very flexible to use.
Yes, you may just proceed to select an instructor plan hereto launch your information business right away.
With the platform, you have all your earning directly deposited into your preferred bank account automatically. Your funds are not buffered.
Login and Proceed with this course launch academy .
Section 2 How to Research and Validate a Niche idea
Lecture 2 Course Validation
Lecture 3 Research Methodology
Section Quiz
Section 3How to Script and Structure your Online Course
Lecture 4The Oasis Value Secret
Lecture 5 Scripting your Online Course
Section 4How to Launch your Online Course
Lecture 6Online Course Branding
Lecture 7 A review of the platform [Front End]
Lecture 8A review of the platform [Instructor's Back-end]
Lecture 9A review of the platform [Quiz Page]
Lecture 10A review of the platform [Student Back-end]
Section 5How to Monetize your Online Course
Lecture 11Driving traffic to your Online Course
Lecture 12Online Course Types and Sales Strategies
Lecture 13Pricing Your Online Course
Section 6Summary and Conclusion


  • Lola Banks

    I cannot move to module 3. Is there something I’m missing please??

    I’ve checked over and over

    • Daniel Momoh

      Hi Lola, no you are perfectly in order, module 3 is currently under review, it will be re-uploaded in a couple of days, my apologies for the little delays

      • Lola Banks

        Noted. Thank you for the prompt response.

        • Daniel Momoh

          You are welcome LOLA BANKS, please kindly note that Module 3 is back online, enjoy

        • Maria Ebenezer

          I just signed up but and did the Facebook login but the courses are not ascvesible. Please what do I do?

  • Frank

    How can i enroll please?

  • Frank Anagor

    How can enrol?

  • Glory Anisiobi

    In fact Mr mohmoh it ws a wonderful class but am really looking for were I can learn selling on line.

    • Admin's Desk

      Bless your heart Glory, you are in the right place to learn about selling your online course

  • Smithaa More

    Hello Mr. Daniel,
    i have registered for the course, how can i access to the course?

    • Admin's Desk

      Check your email for further instructions Smithaa, all the details are there, thanks

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