Brand format for your Online Courses

Your online information course product can be branded in 3 different formats when launching your online course on the platform

It can take any of the format listed below:

PDF Report or eBook,
An audio Podcast or Voice over slides
A Direct Video Camera Online Course

This means you can either have it rolled up into an eBook, a podcast course or a video course.

You may decide on the one that best suits your project and align with your preference,

But most importantly, make sure you have it in that format that resonate well with your audience.

However, it has been discovered by research that video courses convert 67.9% more than any other format as it provides for more interactions and engagements.

With camera recorded video courses, you are able to establish the know, like and trust factors with your audience which positively impacts on your ROI.

I discussed more on how to use these different formats in the 4 min video of the profitable launch academy.

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