Manuscript Template for Online Course

There are 2 ways to develop the manuscript your online course.

First method,

The looooong route; here you will have to scratch your head on how to start a little, browse the internet and download lot of irrelevant materials, abandon the project work for a while, come back to it, jot down a few things and get stuck again. 🙂 🙂

Or the second method,

which is you could download the course launch template guild that I have provide in this academy, fill in the blanks and have your Manuscript ready in few hours.

You see,

Developing Digital Courses could be very stressful, writer’s block is often the common dreadful phenomenon here.

And this could be a discouraging mental lock jam which often leads to abandoned projects.

This is because most times, EVEN IF you know what you want to write about, expressing it COULD become an insurmountable challenge

The good news is with the Project Work Book Template all the hard work has been done for you.

I have provided you with a step by step Practical workbook template that will guild you on how you will seamlessly express your thoughts, develop your Outline modules and Launch your online Course in a sitting.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks and your course is ready to fly.

Moreso, you don’t have to think of a platform that will host, manage, launch and make sales for your online course as these have been handled at no cost for you with several other added benefits.

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  • Idris Sogunle

    I sincerely want to appreciate Mr Danny Moor and the entire El moor communication limited for this uncommon opportunity.
    I stumbled on the training link via my facebook while scrolling about 12 days ago. I quickly registered to take the advantage of the training and I dedicated my time and resources to follow from the beginning till the end without missing any lesson in the module not minding my years of experience in create and launching e-products
    Despite the fact that i’m not a newbie in the IT Industry ,yet I found his training so unique ,interactive , tutor-students centered
    In spite of been a FREE training course MR DANNY never leave any stone unturned. What amazed me most is his superb-excellent customer support .
    I have the course to chat with him while the training on , the type of helping hand I received was unprecedented highly impressive despite it was a virtual support.
    I urge everyone on this platform to fully maximized this gracious opportunity and extend the gospel to all an sundry.
    Once again I sincerely expressed my profound gratitude to the entire crew while wishing them more success in all of their endeavor.

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