N5m within a week from Online Course?

Just like any other thriving business, your ability to retain as many loyal contacts who have come to Know, Like and Trust you is the secret of any successful ‘infopreneur’.

If you have ever heard anyone say they made N5, 000,000 within a week/month in the information online business trust me, this did not happen overnight from total strangers.

They either have alot of faithful followers who have come to trust them over a period of time, or they are probably leveraging on the popularity of a known face.

The key point here is your ability to ‘microwave’ your cold audience into a warm audience and finally transform them into a hot engaging buying audience.

The good news is that the https://sellonlinecourse.com platform has been designed to help instructors handle this part of their information business.

There are 3 ways you can effectively engage your cold leads using the platform, I discussed this extensively in module 8 of the course launch academy.

Instructors can schedule their online courses so new students don’t rush through it at a glance, you can also set engaging quiz and reward system, and even create online written exams; you can also schedule a live MeetUp event while you automate your earnings directly into your bank account.

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